Brimstone's Curriculum Vitae



Brimstone is about 3 1/2 months old and extremely friendly and affectionate. He is afraid of nothing and loves the attention of other dogs or anyone who will pick him up and kiss him.

His mom is about 40 pounds(she looks like a beagle lab type mix) and his dad is a big street dog so we expect that he will be a bigger dog, maybe between 40 and 50 pounds!

He is a typical puppy and that he will chew things up, he will pee in your house, and he will bark for attention so keep all of this in mind before applying!

Brimstone was a very special puppy to Knito(Angelys). He Almost didn’t make it out of Puerto Rico LOL! One of the favorites Knito told me multiple times that if he didn’t leave soon he would never leave.


Around early January, 2022

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